Why choose us for your gastroscopy or colonoscopy?

The very highest quality endoscopy

At Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Specialists, we believe in high quality endoscopy for our patients. We are founding members of Quality Endoscopy New Zealand (QENZ), a group of New Zealand Gastroenterologists with the very highest standards of endoscopy. QENZ endoscopists ensure the very best quality in your procedure throughout your Gastroenterological care. Read more about high quality endoscopy here.

More choices of when to have your procedure

With five high quality endoscopists available, we cover the week with options for your procedure

More choices of who can perform your procedure

With five high quality endoscopists available, we can offer choice as to who you would like to perform your procedure

A high quality procedure at a reasonable price

We link our procedure fees to the Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Scheme for all patients, meaning that all procedures are charged at a fair price, regardless of who is paying

Making colonoscopy convenient

We want to make it as convenient for you as possible to have a colonoscopy. In addition to offering choice of days and endoscopists, we provide the bowel prep for you at no cost, meaning no uneccessary trips to the pharmacy (where the prescription cost for bowel preperation can be as much as $45).